Tuesday, May 28, 2013

The Space Between by Victoria H. Smith

Lacey that girl is on fire, "so the way I see it, the only reason you put yourself in a sketchy situation where you have no monetary gain was because you were looking for something other than money; a thrill. A chance to hang out with the thugs and pretend to be one of them." Lacey sees right through Drake at times and it's funny, "I know you're thinking about sex with that look in your eyes, Drake, and I told you: I'm not sleeping with you." Drake is quite the looker, "he really did have a swimmer's body. Long and hard, he was cut in all the right places." Drake and Lacey have a funny relationship and it was always interesting reading about those two:
                   After I got the blankets around him, I kiss him on the forehead.
                   "I have such a good nanny." He grinned. 
                    "And don't you forget it."
He's also a possessive person when it comes to Lacey, "I see you met my nanny." I swept over to her, angling my body around hers." He's so generous, especially when he ruins something or hers, "Are you serious? Lace, I'll buy you some new panties." 

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