Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Breathing his Air by Debra Kayn

Rain that sexy beast of a man, "saved you life, I'll touch you when I want to." He doesn't really have any manners, "he cupped himself and adjusted his jeans, grinning, when she blinked rapidly and her cheeks flushed." Tori that girl is just full of surprises and keeps Rain on his toes, "everyone loves cookie dough. I kept some extra for me to eat, and I thought I'd give you some to make up for poking you with my lollipop earlier." He's protected of Tori, "first thing tomorrow, he'd get her a s***load of clothes. He didn't need his men ogling his woman." He's honest and puts Tori in her place, "my woman doesn't sleep on the couch. In the morning, I'm going to take my woman to buy some pretty clothes that'll drive me wild and put a smile on her face, and if you go to bed like a good girl, I'll see about kissing my woman in the morning after I cuddle with her tonight." He really liked to buy her things, "I won't have you arguing about me buying some effing shoes if I want to buy you some effing shoes. Got it?" 

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