Friday, May 31, 2013

The Edge of Darkness by Melissa Andrea

First thoughts of Ryland he's sweet, "no noticeable damage done," he confirmed, standing up, and taking the sunlight with him. "However, we did make one hell of a mess with your... stuff." He swore, obviously observing the destruction. "I'm really sorry." He's a playful type of guy, "then it was my naked chest, right?" Araya that girl needs to give herself more credit, "I didn't expect you to give me a second thought. Most people don't." Actually she needs some self confidence, I know she's been through some rough stuff but a little confidence goes a long ways. "Ryland he's the type of guy whose protective of his woman even though he won't admit that she really is his woman, "I wanted to. Just like I wanted to break Lee's arm if he reached out and touched you one more time. I didn't like seeing his hands on you." He also gets upset when something comes between him and Araya, "did they think they could just ship you off and I would just roll over and let them keep you form me? J.D's got a lot of nerve. He's always playing one step ahead of everyone. I should have seen this coming. I never should have left you there by yourself." These two are perfect for each other in so many ways, now if all the mean people that are stopping them (coughJ.D.NinaandCarlcough) would just jump off a cliff and die we'd be honky dory. 

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