Friday, May 31, 2013

Obsession by Jennifer Armentrout

Two reasons why I had to read this book, one, the cover of course and two it's Jennifer who doesn't love Jennifer? Oh Hunter I knew I was gonna love you, perhaps even more then Daemon, "and here's another impolite thing for you." I leaned my head against the wall, eyeing the plane on the tarmac. "I don't give a eff." Serena is a feisty thing, "I saw my friend get blown up in her car!" My voice caught. I cleared my throat, by my eyes still burned. "So, yes, that was pretty damn traumatic, but it doesn't change what I saw." Hunter yep, really liking him more than Daemon, of course it might be because I haven't been able to get inside Daemon's head like we get to be inside Hunter's in this book, "effing humans and their overpopulated, congested, and noisy cities fell into the top ten things that pissed me off." Hunter is such a cocky little s***, "there are a lot of things I can do. I'm more than willing to give a detailed breakdown of them, or I'd gladly show you." Good grief Hunter is seriously an unfiltered boy, "nah, what I really needed was to eff Serena senseless and then take my true form for a few hours." He's such a romantic, "I can promise you that sex with me won't be long, soft pets or whispered words. I like it rough and raw, but your pleasure will always come first. Every single time." Hunter can be so nonchalant when he wants to be, "he shrugged. "I think you need help bathing, and I'm in a generous mood." I'm sure you are Hunter. I really did love this book the best part was NO CLIFFHANGER!!! YAY!

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