Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Undeniable by Madeline Sheehan

Duece he has some issues, but name one hot biker boy who doesn't, there were some things I didn't agree with and if he was my man that crap would not go over well let me tell you what. I mean his hotness possibly could make up for the stupid crap he's pulled, "Shhh," he growled into my mouth. "I got you. I f***in' got you. Just let it go, baby girl, just f***in' let it go." You could tell that Eva made Duece feel things that he hadn't felt in a long time (not just the great s** but the fact that she wanted him for him and not what he could give her.) "Not carin' that I got s*** to give you. You just wantin' me for me and not the club and not the f***in' money, just straight up wantin' me." Duece has an issue with swearing and the eff word it comes out of his mouth like a lot. I mean Eva and Duece spend a lot of time arguing but when they're not they're so sweet to each other and get along perfectly like they were made for each other:
                                      "You're always calling my daddy an old man," she called out. "But you're almost as old as him."
                                      "What are you tryin' to say, darlin'?"
                                      She shrugged. "Just wondering when you're going to start needing viagra, too?" 

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