Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Motorcycle Man by Kristen Ashley

Okay so Knight (yes from the Unfinished Heroes series) has some competition for the 'bada** mofo alpha' male role, Tack takes it to a whole new level peoples! I mean he was such a bada** of course he's in a motorcycle gang so you kind of expected it but what you didn't expect was how vulgar and honest he could be, "darlin', you're the greediest piece of a** I've had in my bed in a long effin' time. I got a taste for greedy, you think I'm not gonna take it?" We also know that being a bada** mofo you can be pretty protective, "do not," he said softly in a voice that seemed to slither through the room in a sinister way, "speak to Tyra like that? Do you effin' hear me?" With Tyra new to his world Tack always makes sure to let her know the rules even if it may be offensive, "all right, Tyra, I'll give you a quick lesson seein' as you drink tea, eat salads, do yoga, live in a fancy-a** house, with a fancy-a** yard, you probably don't get how this is gonna go 'cause I'm seein' you probably never effed a man like me. So I'll help you out and tell you how it's gonna go." All alpha people! 

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