Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Tarnished Knight by Bec McMaster

I'm getting into the steampunk aspect of bookies, and one of my fave authors for that genre is Bec so when I saw this bookie you bet your bum I had to get it! This one is about Esme you know Blade's housekeeper and John or Rip. I had a lot of feelings in this book, first off Esme never piss her off cuz she'll put you in your place, "don't you think you can order him out of my kitchen! I want him to stay. I want you to leave." Rip needs to grow some balls and stop thinking all negatively that's what half the problem is between these two, okay that's the whole problem between them, "know when a woman's tryin' to give me the 'eave-o', Esme." He stared straight ahead. "I'd ask why, but I think it's got ought to do with what 'appened yesterday." Then there's the times when he's really really sweet and you know he cares deeply for Esme, "effin' hell," he said in a breathless, bewildered tone. "Christ, luv. Don't cry. Please don't cry. I ain't worth that." He doesn't give himself enough credit. Esme goes to desperate terms to show Rip that she cares but he's kinda to stupid to read into them, "he shifted, as if to cover himself better. "Now you want to be friends? Christ, Esme. I don't understand what's goin' on wit' you." His voice dropped. "And you could 'ave better timin'. This ain't...it ain't decent." You're a man for god sakes since when does a man care about a woman seeing him naked! It was good seeing Blade and Honoria and the rest of the gang and seeing what they've been up to. 

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