Saturday, April 27, 2013

Suddenly Royal by Nichole Chase

Sam that girl she cracked me up, "I haven't seen bread buttered that well in a long time." I smiled at her sweetly and heard Alex chuckle. The waitress turned around and stormed away. I narrowed my eyes at Alex. "Don't take this the wrong way, but maybe you should practice telling people to leave you alone. I thought she was going to maul you." The girl speaks her mind, which I personally think Alex finds it refreshing, "you mean you prostituted yourself out to the masses? To draw them away? That was...sweet." He choked on his drink and coughed roughly. I set down my sandwich and slapped him on the back." Alex and Sam actually have this great relationship off the bat, Alex I liked right off as well, "because I'm going to kiss you and I don't want to be stabbed when I do it." He's a tad bit cocky but then again name one guy who isnt?
                  "I said I'd try. I didn't promise anything." Sitting back in his seat, he chuckled. "I have a feeling our friendship will have a shelf life." 
                  "A shelf life?"
                   "You'll either end up hating me or in my bed." His eyes grew dark. "And I know which one I'd prefer." 
Sam that girl I'm telling you she REALLY speaks her mind, "are you upset that you can't stomp around like a caveman and pee on my leg?" I poked his shoulder. "I'm not a tree, your Highness."  Even in the upmost of times Alex finds way to bring humor to a situation, "he brought his mouth to my ear. "Alex. My name is Alex, not God. I want to hear you say my name." This book reminds me of 'The Princess Diaries' with Anne Hathaway. I really enjoyed it I think this is one of Nichole's best bookies yet. 

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