Thursday, April 25, 2013

Reaper's Property by Joanna Wylde

Horse is a very blunt person, I mean I think Marie hurt him more then what he's letting on, "I don't want to sleep with you," he told her grimly. I want to eff you. Sleeping, cuddling, all that other s*** is for girlfriends, and old ladies, and you're made it pretty effing clear you aren't interested in any of that." There are other times Horse does let Marie see the other side of him, sweet, caring, "I don't hate you babe," he said. "You piss me off, but I can live with that. Hell, effin' turns me on most of the time. But you don't understand all that's happening here and I can't tell you without effing things up. If this bothers you I'm sorry, but there's a good reason for it. You'll just have to trust me." He's protective, "you don't effing shoot a gun at my woman!"  When Marie and Horse finally do get their crap straightened out and worked on they are just as sweet as pie together (well with Horse he's just as sweet as he can be for being a hot biker boy) "Oh baby, you have no idea." he replied ruefully, brushing my hair and tucking behind my ear. "No idea at all. Now let me watch you shoot. Chicks with guns are hot." Marie proves herself to Horse and I think that's what finally makes him and her see eye to eye. I hope Joanna writes another book like this but using a different character from the story.

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