Thursday, April 25, 2013

Playing Patience by Tabatha Vagro

Holy orgasm Zeke, "His loose fitting jeans had rips and tears in them and the sleeves in his black T-shirt were rolled up. The tattoos on his elbows melted into the ones that disappeared into the sleeves of his shirt." Megan is the type of friend I would give my two front teeth for, "What an a**hole!" Megan said once I got back in the car. "He had no right to talk to you like that. All you were doing was saying thank you. Geez, how hard would it have been to say you're welcome and politely walk away? Chet said he was a d*** to girls, but damn." Patience does have a potty mouth on her, I think Zekey boy brings it out though, "You call this teasing? Isn't teasing supposed to be fun? Nothing that comes out of your mouth is fun. You're an a**hole every time I talk to you." Zekey boy speaks his mind, "you should know, I think those cute little, gym shorts you run around in are sexy as f***." Even though Zeke doesn't want to admit it out loud or to himself you can tell he does care about Patience, "She's fine! She's freaking out because you were nowhere to be found. We thought someone ran off with you or some crazy s*** like that!" I jerked when he raised his voice at me. "Now, again I ask, did you walk all the way here from Finn's house?" I mean he's kind of possessive as well, "If I see one more f***er touch you, I'm going to lose it. You want me to go to jail again?" They have great playfulness towards one another when they're actually getting along, "you're trying to kill me, woman. Will you at least feed me before you take advantage of me again?" 

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