Saturday, April 27, 2013

Off Limits by Sawyer Bennett

Nix is quite the character, I fell in love with him right away, "the biggest lesson that Lyla is about to learn from post-war Nix Caldwell is that he has little patience. And when it's gone he doesn't hold back." For some reason I found that extremely sexy. Even when he's being an a** I find him sexy, "you, don't." he says in a low, husky voice. "Bring me cash. Just call me when you have the first two thousand. I expect it within thirty days or else I'll come looking for you. And trust don't want that to happen." Actually I'm kind of thinking I do Nixy boy! He's so cocky as well I love it, "if you want to see more of my tattoos, you only have to ask. I'll be glad to strip down and show you everything." Emily is teaching him things about himself he didn't know he had in him, and he's teaching Emily that life doesn't always have to have rules or expectations, but it's mainly Emily teaching Nix how to find himself again she's his anchor, "normally, a girl crying will freak me out and I'll do anything to get away. But now, I kind of want to take her in my arms and hold reassure her that everything is okay now." He's also bringing that protectiveness that she needs in her life. Emily just has a way about her that you can't help but love, "oh, we're compatible. Your working parts and mine were in perfect alignment just a few seconds ago." 

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