Monday, April 29, 2013

Lyon's Crew by Jordan Silver

Nothing seems to get past Colton, and it's funny how her really never misses a beat, "something on my a**?" Oh s***, kill me now, the worlds hottest man had just caught me staring at his a**." Colton doesn't hold things back the boy says what's on his mind, "the clothes, why the eff you been coming to my place looking like Broom Hilda, when you're walking around with the body of a effing bombshell. You trying to eff with my head?" He has a great way of telling Kat what his rules are, "it means you're mine, and it means when we ride you're on the back of my bike. It means when I climb into bed at night your a** better be there." He's possessive as well, "please don't tell me you're one of those chicks that don't know how your man is supposed to treat you...listen up, if you're under me, that means you belong to me, and you're my responsibility, so it's my job to look out for you...are you getting this s***, cause I'm not repeating myself," 

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