Friday, April 26, 2013

Between Friends by Amanda Cowen

This bookie was like was a damn rollercoaster of emotions, I mean Ben is just oo-la-la, "I love how his tight whit V-neck t-shirt clings to his muscular chest and how his five o'clock shadow is growing in perfectly on his tanned skin." See oo-la-la. With all the sexual frustration going on between Megan and Ben it's well frustrating, "f*** Megan. I can't take it anymore." When they're getting along they're perfect for one another, "his hands move up to my hips, "I want whatever you want." He kisses my cheek then adds, "But right now what I really want is to f*** you - again." Sometimes I wonder if they're relationship is just based on sex. I mean there are a few scenes when Megan's claws come out because Ben is well an a** most of the time, "You are a pig!" I shout. "At least I dated people and had boyfriends. You on the other hand can't handle more than a one-night stand. I feel sorry for any girl who has fallen victim to your sleazy cham, including myself." Ben is also a possessive sort, "holy s*** Megan you taste so good." He pants and pulls away, "Now come here. I'm gonna f*** what's mine." I mean Megan when she's pissed she's pissed, "Oh, you never wanted to hurt me?" I let out a hard bitter laugh. "You never thought about how much you were hurting me every time you slept with another one of your bimbos or whores. You never thought anything about me then." I actually really liked this book. 

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