Friday, April 26, 2013

Bayou Legend by Janet Breakfield

Tanner that boy well he and Emily get under each other's skin, but hey it always starts out that way when you first start liking someone: 
                          "Go away Tan. This is my spot and you know it." I hissed. 
                          "Don't see your name on it" he replied. "Good God almighty I despised that boy" (girl we all know it's the start of something so let's not try to fool us.) I'm really excited because not only do we get to see Emily's point but we also get to see Tanner's (his is much more interesting as he's a man and well they're just more interesting.) "She was just as beautiful as I remembered. Long blonde hair, sky blue eyes and soft, tan skin. Tall and bountifully built with lips that could stop my heart in it's tracks." As I said much more interesting in his point of view, "I lay down on my bed, naked and panting with the fury that accompanied the passion. My body was still hard and aching." I like watching Tanner and Emily's story unfold it reminds me of Taylor Swift's song, 'Love Story.' "I couldn't help the attraction to him. It was primal. Almost animal." And you can tell Tanner is all man, "Emily was standing at the window completely naked. My shaft went instantly hard." Yep ALL man. Tanner and Emily have a connection and it's kind of funny how sometimes Tanner overly uses it without knowing haha, "Tan, could you please stop thinking about sex. I can't sit here and try to act civilized when your bombarding me with your sexual thoughts." I really enjoyed this book and can't wait to see more form this author. 

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