Thursday, March 28, 2013

Beast Anew by Tiffani Clark Kemp

After falling in LOVE with the first bookie in the series I knew I had to read the second book there were no if, ands, or buts about it. Just like the first bookie Beast Anew is action packed and it was an emotional read for me as for those of you who have read Beast Within know what happened in the ending. Luna that girl is so strong I would totally be a damn wreck, and she has sass when there's a situation that requires it, "Uncaring?.... I lost my best friend and my love. You think I'm being uncaring? I want this for them! I want this to happen. This is going to happen because we can rally and because we are strong. Do you understand? Nothing is going to keep us down. Filming will resume tomorrow morning. Make sure everyone is here." Dang woman is on a mission. Michael this time around wanted to punch him in the face UGH he p***ed me off so many times, especially when a certain situation arises! I felt well I'm not sure how to describe my feeling while Gabe and Luna weren't together but I was most happy when they were, I was jumping for joy yelling at the book "YOU GO GIRL!" Yeah total dork I know but hey I can't help it. Luna I'm serious that girl can put a smile on your face in ANY situation, "There's only one trick I want to see right now and it's 'how to make your d*** disappear'. I can show you, if you want." Gabe there's just something about him that when he walks into a room he like practically DEMANDS the attention well okay not demands, but he sure knows how to take it over, especially when he says "patience little one." Yeah out of the whole book fave line right there. Well okay there was another line I loved "you bring out the animal in me" sounds kinky right? I thought so too! Well if there is another bookie in the series GREAT but if not I think the ending was good! 

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  1. I'm so glad you liked it! You're such a fast reader! It's crazypants!