Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Nikolai by Marquita Valentine

I love it when men talk to their animals, it makes me feel less batsy and Nikolai is funny when he talks to his cat, "the cat races inside, and I lock the main door before following it to the empty storage room. “If you’re to stay, then I expect you to pull your weight around here.” Pausing as it eats, the cat looks up at me. “Kill the vermin, yes?” Nikolai does have a temper problem, “must be nice?” I growl, parking the car. “Must be nice?” I turn to face her, my jaw clenching. “There are a multitude of emotions running through me at this moment, but nice is not one of them.” I fell in love with Nikolai, he was sexy, only had eyes for Everly and he felt like a million bucks every time he made her smile.

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