Sunday, July 16, 2017

Winning Ace by Tracie Delaney

 **********MAY HAVE SPOULERS************

Cash can be a real swoony worthy man, “don’t worry, sweetness,” Cash said, nuzzling her neck, making her forget she was cross with him. “I’ll carry you. Come on— let’s get ready. I’m starving.” Cash really is a romantic guy, “if you mean explaining myself, then yes, that’s it. Can we finish eating in peace, please? I don’t know about you, but I’m ho**y as h***, and all I can think about right now is getting back to the apartment and spending the next several hours in bed screwing you.” The man is all about giving his woman choices, "what do you want first? Food or ***?” She glanced down at his crotch. He chuckled. “Good choice." I didn't really pay attention to the blurb and it wasn't until I got to Goodreads that I realized this is a trilogy, and hence the cliffhanger. I hate cliffhangers, but besides that little/big aspect I really liked this book. Honestly people is Cash had a little more trust and didn't take his time coming around the bush and explain himself half the crap he went through wouldn't have been neccessary.

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