Tuesday, July 4, 2017

The Scars Between Us by MK Schiller

Aiden doesn't ask for much, “what are you making me?” he asks, his body pressing against mine , his lips against my ear. “Whatever it is, it better be a lot, ’cause I’m starving.” Aiden doesn't like neing interrupted, "...she claims me with her kiss. It’s a kiss that heals the darkness of the past and holds a promise of our future. Then someone clears their throat. I glare at the women who interrupted us..." Aiden doesn't like when his dogs get his girl's attention first, "...the dogs all jump up and down for me to pet them. “Sit,” Aiden commands. “I get the first greeting. You guys should know that by now.” They all sit. Some whine but Aiden silences them with one admonishing look. “Hi, angel. I missed you today.” I really liked this book, Aiden just needed someone to believe in him and Emma was that person.

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