Friday, July 14, 2017

Star Struck by Laurelin Paige

Seth has this certain attitude about him, I'm not sure how to desrcibe it, like is it teasing? Or is it being a butthole, “you keep saying that. But you also plunged your tongue into my mouth. You know how they say actions speak louder than words—” Mouth gaping, she pulled at his arm and dragged him through the doorway and around the corner to the security area. His lips curled up in a half-smile. “What? Round two already?” Seth is quite the cocky man, and he can read his woman like a book, “I thought maybe what you wanted to eat wasn’t on this table.” Damn, could he read her mind? “Since you’ve been staring at me hungrily all morning.” I liked this book, I fell in love with Seth.

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