Saturday, June 3, 2017

Roommates with Benefits by Nicole Williams

I'm thinking Soren doesn't have thick skin the man gets a little testy when there are complaints, "he yanked the duffel off the floor. “Oh, nice. Now you’re accusing me of being a slob and a child?” Soren is a typical man when it comes to undergarments of females, “by the way, in case you want a dude’s opinion on the matter, your underwear is smokin’ hot. Like seriously, the things wet dreams are made of.” The man thinks highly of himself, “because my balls are fantastic. A masterpiece. A real testament to manhood. Symmetrical, grandiose, soft yet firm. They’re a damn sight to behold, my balls.” I loved this book, Soren was sexy, cocky, and really sweet on Hayden.

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