Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Into Your Arms by Chelsea M. Cameron

Rhett is a good man, and how I can tell you ask, well the boy knows how to cook, any man that's sexy, sweet, and cook is good in my book, “glad you enjoyed it. Anytime you want some more, just let me know. I can also make enchiladas, tacos, baked spaghetti, chili, and a ton of other things. Come over anytime. What are friends for?” She rolls her eyes." Rhett knows how to read his woman, “about why you’re using sex to avoid talking to me about whatever is bothering you and made you show up at my work today.” I squint at him." Whhen it comes to food sharing, Rhett is logical, “we’ve had each other’s junk in our mouths. I think we can share a plate..." I really loved this book, Rhett had so much patience.

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