Wednesday, April 5, 2017

When to Engage an Earl by Sally MacKenzie

Alex is a good man, if Jane shows any sign of distress he leaps into acrions, "his heart leapt into his throat. “Zeus, is there an intruder in the house? Where is he? Tell me. I’ll take care of him.” He stepped past her, putting his body between her and any danger. “Show yourself immediately, sirrah!” I don't think Jane's cat really cares for Alex, especially when he gets her mistress snuckered, "they found Poppy sitting outside Jane’s door, tail twitching as if they’d kept her waiting. “Oh, P-Poppy,” Jane said, “did you have f-fun in the kitchen?” Poppy blinked at Jane and then turned to give Alex a look of disgust." Alex really could use some work on his wooing skills, "then let me rephrase that. You’re a stubborn, infuriating, maddening female who gives no quarter in an argument”—his smile turned heated—“or in bed. And I wouldn’t want you any other way.” I really liked this book, Jane was a strong woman with her own opinions and Alex I just loved.

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