Saturday, April 1, 2017

Whatever You Need by Barbara Longley

Kayla and Wyatt are an interesting couple, I think Kayla is in denial about her relationship with him at times:
                “These aren’t dates,” Kayla blurted. “We aren’t dating.”
               “Course not.” His smile grew. She wouldn’t have blurted that if he weren’t getting to her. Yes, indeed. He was making inroads into her defenses and hopefully into her heart. “Just friends hanging out.”
Wyatt was just adorable, “I know they’re condoms, Kayla.” He huffed out a breath. “But what does this mean? And you’d better tell me quick, because I’m this close”—he held up a hand, showing her the millimeter of space between his thumb and forefinger—“to going caveman all over you right now.” I really liked this book, I loved the characters.

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