Tuesday, April 18, 2017

The Traveller by HJ Bellus

I loved Vannie's thoughts, "Hart takes a seat on the couch on the opposite end from me stretching out his long legs. And I don’t know whether he * *** Ralph Lauren or not, but I do know it’s the sexiest scent on the planet." Hart is one crazy man, and I liked that he broadened Vannie's horizons:
                        “I’ve never really had pizza.”
                        I shoot upright on the mattress. My first instinct is to ask more questions, pushing the topic, but I tamp that down. “Well, that ****’s about to change.”
With Hart it's all about priorities, "I’ll wait to show her the rest of the magic the iPhone possesses because the antennae standing at attention between my legs needs some attention." Hart was just so dang lovable, the things that man says, “now, you have to shower with me. It’s my favorite thing in the world to do besides eating you out, making love to you, you sucking my ***k, kissing you, eating candy out of your mouth…” I was in love with this book, Hart was such an easy man to love, and he was so entertaining.

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