Sunday, April 2, 2017

Resilient by Gillian Archer

Nicole knows how to leave an impression on a man, “sweet baby Jesus, please tell me that’s beer.” Before I could answer she swiped my cup out of my hand and pounded the rest of my drink. Eff me. She was perfect." Nicole has some high hopes for her man being a stripper, “I was hoping to get a preview of your . . . talent. But maybe you just need practice. Tell me, do you own a thong?” There are times Tank just wants his woman by his side, “well, hurry up and get naked. I’m tired.” Tank left his boxers on as he crawled into bed. I watched him and felt nonplussed. Were we getting naked for bed or for bed? A moment later I had my answer. “Come on, baby girl. Strip down and put my shirt on. I wanna turn the light off. It’s effing with my eyes.” Tank is quite the alpha man, “I’m done asking you. You’re my woman, so get on the back of my bike.” I loved this book, I think Tank and Nicole are my new favorite couple with all the banter that went on between them.

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