Thursday, April 27, 2017

Hunger by Eve Langlais; Kate Douglas; A. C. Arthur

Fabian gets offensive at times, “I do not mope ,” he grumbled, shooting her a dark look over his shoulder. “I brood.” Fabian is mot one for interruptions, “This better be effing important,” Fabian snapped as he righted himself, his eyes again emitting that odd golden glow." I loved this book, it had so much humor.

Darnell likes to entice Evan, "she kissed him, a long, leisurely kiss that definitely got his attention. There was a twinkle in her eyes when she innocently said, “The wolves are quiet now, but I’m wide awake. What we were doing before seemed to help me sleep really well. Are you at all…?” There's a second couple in this novella Trak and Chelo, and Trak, that man doesn't mind getting personal, “Chelo? May I ask you a personal question?” She didn’t speak, but after a moment she rolled onto her back and nodded her head. “Chelo … sweetheart? Have you ever experienced an orgasm?” I liked this book, seeing two different couples and how they work out.

Phelan can be comforting and caring, “I don’t know that answer,” he told her. “But as long as it will make you feel better, I will stay by your side.” Marena is not one to follow orders, “I told you to run,” Phelan said, his chin resting on the top of her head. “‘Run’ means ‘run,’ dangit! It does not mean ‘stay’!” I liked this book Phelan was bossy.

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