Friday, April 21, 2017

How to Lose a Highlander by Michelle McLean

Jesus, Sorcha and Malcolm's relationship is quite intertaining, “well, I didna know ye were trying to kill me. If ye’d warned me that you had laced the wine with something, I’d ha’ listened better.” Even of not intentional Sorcha drives her man batty, "...only instead of hopping to the ground , she slid off in a boneless heap and landed square on her bum in the dirt. Which set off the tears again. Malcolm rubbed his hand over his eyes. “Jesus, Mary, and Joseph, save me from this woman,” he muttered." Malcolm is always giving his wife invitations to join him, “verra much.” His voice was deep and husky and made her toes curl in her boots. “Any time ye want to join me in the bath, or anywhere else in this chamber, ye are more than welcome.” I loved this book, I loved the arguments Sorcha and Malcolm would have.

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