Sunday, April 9, 2017

Hot For the fireman by Gina L. Maxwell

I loved Erik the man was sexy and passionate about those he cared about, “I hate hearing you put yourself down, Livvie. I hate it, and I won’t stand for it.” His breath stirred the fine hairs at the nape of her neck. He swore he saw a shiver run through her, but it wasn’t enough to melt the steel in her spine. “No one should be allowed to put you down. Not even you.” Erik is one blunt man, “Christ, Livvie, I love the way you say things. When you talk all proper like that, it makes my ***k get so effing hard.” The man is just so cocky, “are you conceding that we’re in a relationship? Not that I’m giving you a choice, understand. I just want to hear you agree.” I loved this book, and I hope some of the other men get stories of their own, they were so easy to fall in love with.

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