Saturday, April 29, 2017

Children of Vice by J.J. McAvoy

*****************SPOILERS MAY BE AHEAD****************

Oh man I'm so excited the kids are getting books, I was a little upset to find out what happened to some of the original people, but then I remembered that this is a mafia book, with blood, people dying, and revenge and not everything can be rainbows and unicorns. This book had the same atmosphere as the original books, strong women, and ruthless men that will kill for their women, family and place high on the totem pole, Ethan is just like his father and I loved that, and he wasn't a bashful one, "he stood naked at the side of the bed, using the towel to dry his hair and not cover… his ***k… his very big…thick…“Hey?” He smirked, repeating me." Darn, Ivy can hold her own against Ethan, the girl has brass balls, she reminded me of Melody, “how sad,” I said, walking back up the stairs, leaving Ethan to stand alone. But not before adding, “Don’t be surprised if I do not speak to you for a while.” It's good to know Ethan has goals, “it’s code for the fridge is empty and we can’t live on kettle corn, alcohol, and sex,”he said, pulling me off the couch." All I cam say is where the hell is the next book!!!!

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