Sunday, April 23, 2017

Blurred Lines Series Review by Erin McCarthy

 I loved Heath right from the start, "is that what I am?" Heath asked, sounding both amused and annoyed. "A brother from another mother, Cat?" I mean he is blunt, "it's boring," he said emphatically. "And totally not you. I cannot see you sitting in an office in a effing blouse." Cat she is a bold one, "why won't you touch me?" I asked, ashamed that I was so needy, but needing to know the answer. "You've been avoiding touching me all day." Aubrey sweet baby Jesus I want her story next the friendship that Cat and her have is unbelievable:
But now it seemed all bets were off Because she casually asked, "Is Heath hung?"
"Aubrey!" I was caught off guard and I could actually feel myself blushing.
"What? You asked me about Jared. Though Heath just looks like he would be. He's too angry to have a small pen**."
This is another series by Erin that I'm going to love.

Devin is a man that at times has no problem voicing his opinions, “no, of course not. I just want people to stop kissing my ***. Stop lying to me.” Tiffany had some balls on her, and I liked it, “no, it wasn’t. It was meant to put me in my place. I already know my place. You don’t need to remind me of it.” My whole life had been about people making sure I knew that I wasn’t good enough, that I was inferior. Defective. “Don’t patronize me,” I said, my voice shaking just a little with anger." I loved this book, these characters just make their way into your hearts.

Riker, I loved the man he could be stand offish but I loved his caring side toward Aubrey, “how could it not be?” he asked, the corner of his mouth turning up. “Now if you’re done having a meltdown can we go make dinner, together? I really am hungry.” Aubrey has such a smart mouth on her, amd I don't think Riker knows what to make of her at times:
                    “What if I say your p**** is beautiful, is that acceptable?”
                    “Aubrey, what the eff?” He put the truck in park and turned to me. “One, you haven’t seen my p****. Two, no. That is not acceptable.”
I loved this book, Aubrey and Riker ot each other that's why they made a good couple.


didn't really enjoy this one as much as I enjoyed the others, I mean Ethan and Chloe were great characters, but me and the book just didn't have that spark.
I liked Anya the girl was fierce, strong, and proud, “let me give you some money at least, so you can get a few things.” I pulled out my wallet. I had forty in cash and I tried to hand it to her. She physically took a step back." Kane is a man with an agenda, “I’m going to go get a condom and let you finish your pizza. Then yes, I will do you with my delicious ***k.” I liked this book, I loved Kane.

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