Thursday, March 30, 2017

Without Words by Delancey Stewart

You have to love Dani, the girl is just so cute and the things that pop out of her mouth tend to have a different meaning at times, “it looks amazing,” I said, unable to keep from clapping my hands like a child. “I love caulk.” I couldn’t help it, the words came out before I thought about what I’d said. He turned to look at me, his full lips pulling up slightly at the corners." Rob picked a great woman in Dani, she knows how to get his juices going, “when you touch me, I just want to throw you across the bar and push your skirt up, and…” She grinned, and I swear she bounced a little in her seat. Her hand landed on my knee again, and she raised an eyebrow. “You’re killing me.” I really loved this book, I loved the chemistry between Rob and Dani.

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