Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Tracking You by Kelly Moran

Gabby is such a sweetheart she's so caring, "the entire crotch of his light blue scrubs was damp with Mixey’s drool, looking as if he’d wet himself. Dang it. She’d looked again. Bad eyes. “Um.” Her gaze shot back up. And wow. It was hot in here. “Are you okay? Did she hurt any of your… man bits?” There are times Flynn just takes things by the balls and shows people who's in charge, "irritation pounded his temples and he’d had enough. “So am I. She’s going with me.” Before they could argue, he stalked over to Gabby, pressed her back to the counter, and kissed the living **** right out of her. In front of everyone. Breathing hard, he pulled away..." I loved this book, so darn much, I loved Flynn.

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