Monday, March 13, 2017

Pipe Dreams by Sarina Bowen

Mike sometimes read into things the wrong way, “… but then I realized that can’t be it,” he mused, admiring the tiny bubbles rising up the sides of his glass. “The Lauren I know isn’t a bitter person. She wouldn’t torture me, even if I deserved it. So I decided I was right the first time— the dress was a summons. An olive branch. I accept, baby. Have some champagne and sit with me.” He patted the bed beside him. Her bed. In her private suite. How did he even get in here?" It's a good think Mike has Lauren in some situations, because when it comes to his daughter and lady time of the month, he doesn't handle it well, "his expression went from angry to shocked to completely uncomfortable in about two seconds. “Oh,” he said slowly. “Uh, okay. And …” He scratched his chin. “Is that, uh, working out all right?” I really loved this book.

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