Thursday, March 2, 2017

Life by Audrey Carlan

I loved that Eli always had a smart reply for Maria's comments:
                 “I don’t have a ***k!” I bite back, my wit in full form.
                 “You could have one in about two point five seconds if you wanted, babe. I’ve made it absolutely clear I’m at your service.”
Eli is quite the honest guy, "babe, you think if I have a hot piece like you warming my bed, burning my breakfast, looking like a sex goddess in my T-shirts, I’m going to want to leave all that often? No way. Not when I’ve got this to sink my ***k in.” He thrusts his hips against my crotch..." For real the man has no filter, "he grins wickedly. “You’ll get used to it. I’m a healthy man who likes to eff… a lot.” I loved this book, Eli was so alpha.

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