Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Hot Zone Series by Carly Phillips

Annie sometimes likes to change the subject, especially if she thinks she's in trouble:
               “I woke up with a cat staring me in the face.” Vaughn pushed himself back against the pillows and folded his arms across his chest.
              “You did, huh?” She lowered her gaze and her stare landed on his chest. “Uh, Vaughn? Are you naked beneath that sheet?”
Vaughn's thoughtfulness when it comes to tear is...well different, "...she wiped her damp eyes with the back of her hands. “Here, use this.” He handed her the corner of his comforter to use and she dabbed at the moisture." I loved this book, the characters were well developed.

There were times Micki just didn't understand Damian, "Micki blinked. “Oh, this is great. You’re apologizing to my uncle for kissing his twenty-six-year-old niece!” Damian is a great guy both he and Micki can call each other out on their crap, “and I didn’t come here to talk about the dog or to let you use her as a buffer or an excuse to avoid a serious conversation.” I enjoyed this book, I loved seeing these characters again.
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Riley has no problem openly ogling his woman while she's on the phone, “Of course. Hang on while I find a pen and paper.” She wandered the room naked in search of her purse, completely aware of Riley’s intense eyes following her every movement..." There are times Sophie doesn't realize the affect she has on Riley, “I can’t sleep with pants on,” she’d explained through a yawn, oblivious to how those words had turned him on." I loved this book, I love seeing the sister and their men. Well and Uncle Yank of course the man is crazy.
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Really excited about this one we FINALLY get Roper's book! After seeing him in all the other books I was hoping he'd get one and I'm ecstatic that he does! I loved Roper the man could be a gentleman at times, "...But he let his hand deliberately linger so he could touch her a little longer. “You already talked me into turning off my phone. Don’t add insult to injury by paying the check. My fragile male ego can’t handle it.” Roper likes to tease his woman, “Listen, I’d lift you and be inside of you already but I could never explain reinjuring my shoulder if I did.” He grinned..." I loved this book, I have to say both Roper and Amy's family gave me a headache at times.
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