Monday, March 13, 2017

Highland Hellion by Mary Wine

Rolfe sure is ssweet on his woman, “it’s an answer, sure enough,” he offered in a soft tone edged with promise. “I want to take ye to bed, and by Christ, I will wed ye first. For I will no’act like a brute who sees ye as a prize." Kat may be great at fighting but the girl could use some help with running a household amd cooking:
                Rolfe snorted against her ear. “Aye. Do I want to know why his hounds are vomiting in front of the hearth?”
              “I am improving,” she offered. “Last month they wouldn’t eat it at all. The maid had to scoop it up.”
              “I see.” Her husband was choking on his amusement.
I really liked this book, Rolfe and Kat mad a good couple.

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