Thursday, March 16, 2017

Forbidden Promises by Katee Robert

I really liked Jude the man knew how to care for his woman, “this might not be forever, sunshine, but you’re mine for the duration. And I take care of what’s mine.” There was so much sexual tension between Sloan and Jude and that was after they sleep together, the man just ignites something in Sloan, “that’s the dumbest effing thing I’ve ever heard.” He grinned when she jerked on his hair. “I like you when you’ve missed me.” Even injured Jude has a big appetite, "...he shifted fully onto his back. “But if you’re so concerned, you can ride my ***k so I don’t move too much.” I loved this book, Jude was quite the alpha, he was demanding, at times unforgiving, but man did he have a soft spot for Sloan.

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