Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Easy Come by Tess Oliver

******some words have been altered to fit review criteria******

Trey is an alpha male, and he likes to blame his problems on Georgie, "darnit, Georgie, what the heck have you done to me?" I yanked her into my arms and my mouth slammed down over hers." Trey is like a boy scout he's always prepared, "I don't want to kill the mood, but do you have a condom?" Even his *** was gorgeous as he walked to the dresser and pulled a handful of condoms out of his overnight bag. He carried the fistful of condoms to the bed and dropped them on the nightstand. "Wow, yes. I guess the answer is yes. I like a man who comes prepared." My eyes flicked sideways to the shiny packages piled on the nightstand. "That's a lot of them." This was a quick read and I really enjoyed it.

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