Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Coal by Chelsea Camaron & Jessie Lane

Loved Coal right off, I loved being inside his head, “can I plead the fifth? ” Her voice is smooth, calm, and seems to talk straight to my ***k. I’m effed. Does she realize this means she’s effed, too?" Cooal doesn't appreciate the way his woman sometimess answers the door, “what the eff, woman! Where are your clothes?” I put my hand on her abdomen to push her back, then close the door behind me. “You don’t ever answer your door like this again.” Coal sometimes needs to give his woman advice, "I grab her hands off her hips and hold them in my own as I lean forward to tell her quietly in case her walls are thin and the neighbors are nosey, “Babe, you like to smoke Mary Jane, that’s fine with me; but next time, turn a vent on, yeah? You might want to check your stash because I think it’s stale or something. Smells wrong.” I loved this book, it has actually become my favorite out of the series.

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