Monday, February 20, 2017

Hot On Ice Anthology by Various Authors

FREE AGENT by Robin Covington:
I dont really like to read m\m but Robin wrote it and since I love her books I decided to read it, and it wasn't half bad. I liked DC he just needed a little bit more self confidence when it came to him and his relationships. Very good story.
BODY CHECK by Desiree Holt:
I liked that Matt was persistent, he was also sexy, “one of us has too many clothes on, and neither of us should have any on.” I liked this story of a second chance romance.
DEEP CHECK by Kimberly Kincaid:
Finn can be honest, " I lied about mine. But I’ve wanted you since the minute I laid eyes on you, so please. Either kiss me or I’m kissing you. I’m happy to do the honors.” I liked this book.
RANSOM by Nana Malone:
I fell in love with Lexa, she was sassy and knew how to give Ransom a run for his money, "if I can learn hockey, you can learn Game of Thrones. Besides, you’re lucky. I'm here to give you a full commentary." I liked that Ransom was sometimes thoughtful about what he was going to say, " the heck could he explain this? He could hardly say, "Hey, women have been scared off by my ***k, and I'd rather you not run away screaming. So can we take this a little slower until you're begging beneath me?" I seriously loved Ransom, I enjoyed this book.
CAGED by Virginia Nelson:
Maisie sometimes just has to be ballsy and go after Ollie, “you only say that because you know what I want is you,” she said. And then she kissed him." I loved Ollie, Maisie was so sweet and I just loved her as well.
I liked that Brooke was a strong woman, and I loved Tripp. Both characters were quite stubborn and that lead to some chemistry on the pages.
THE WARM UP by Xio Axelrod:
I was in love with Zim hardcore that man just melted me, he had the biggest heart. I loved it when he was playful, “already? I need a few minutes.” That earned him a playful slap on his belly. " I loved this story so much.
CHECK MY HEART by Christi Barth:
I liked Kurt, “well, I had an ulterior motive. You asked to see something sexy.” He held his hands out down at his sides. “So did I succeed? In making your panties wet?” Sometimes Kurt could be selfless and I really liked that.
FULL CONTACT by Andie J. Christopher:
Anders knows that he sometimes just has to relinquish control over to his woman, "...he winked at her as if he weren’t painfully hard. “Then, by all means, have your way with me, woman.” I found Anders to be a very sexy man, I loved him.
BLADE by Avery Flynn:
Flynn is quite honest about his faults, "I'll warn you now," he said. "I'm an asshole. I'm a little bit crazy. I'm stubborn. I steal the covers. Most of the time I forget to put the toilet seat down..." I lived this book, I loved that Gillie could sometimes outsmart Flynn.
I thought this story was really sweet, Jonas was just head over heels for Mariam. These two were just so sweet.
COURAGE by Lena Hart:
I loved that Mason was real protective of his woman, "...when the man didn’t move fast enough, Mason slammed their drinks down on the small table and took a step forward." Jules could be such an understanding woman, “yes, of course. This is for one of your players, and it’s for a good cause. I’m sure we can find a really nice hotel to stay in that weekend.” Mason smiled with relief." Mason was such an alpha I loved him.
Stryker is a considerate guy, “you need to let go of my shirt, unless you want to stay right where you are, which would be fine with me. It may make eating our pizza a little difficult, but I’m sure we can work around it.” The man cpuld be chivalrous, “***n you are off the charts hot when you’re in full temper. All I could think of was getting your fine *** out of there and having my way with you. Too bad you were drunk.” I really liked this book, loved Stryker.
BEAR NAKED by Katie Kenyhercz:
Bear sure knows how to make his woman feel powerful, “Ari, please. I’m not gonna last very long. I feel like a virgin again. And you … you make me crazy.” Ari did not give in easily she made Bear work for it, and I really liked that. 
BLOCKED by Heather Long:
I liked Archer, I really liked some of the activities he chose for him and his girl, “I’m stripping then I’m getting in that water. I’ll wade out there ‘til I’m waist deep and you’re gonna come join me working to do the lift.” I liked this book, Archer was sexy and sweet.
In order to prove his point at times, Ford needs to get physical, "anger flared. He grasped her hips and pulled her close until she was right against his “strategy.”“Does that feel like I care about my career?” What a great start to a new series, This novella introduced us to some , who I can't wait to read their stories.
MAKING HIS MOVE by Susan Scott Shelley:
I liked Rod the man was a romantic, "if it hadn't then, I would've waited for you. There is no one else, Arielle. No one who's made me feel the way you do." I enjoyed this story, Rod wqs real sweet.
CHECKING YES by Misty D. Waters:
I loved Savannah, girl didn't mess around, she gave it to Cooper straight, “so. You were telling me about how much of a huge ***k you were for leaving. How you kept a huge family secret from me. And how it only took you three effing years to get up the nerve to explain.” I liked this book.

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