Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Holding Fire by April Hunt

Page one I fell in love with Trey, that man holds nothing back, "he traced the ridge of her collarbone. “Maybe not, but last night was a hell of a lot more than nice. It was fan-effing-tastic.” I loved that Trey tried to make his woman feel less guilty for kicking him in the face, he speech could use some work though, “why? Because I’m such a delicate flower?” Trey slid his hands beneath her thighs and dragged her close. “No harm done other than to my pride. We’re good. No apologies. But I’m pretty damn thankful we weren’t working on crotch shots because then any hopes of future Trey juniors would’ve disappeared instantly.” I loved this book, and Trey he was all bossy and alpha, the more books that come out for this series the eager I am for thr characters to get their own story.

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