Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Wild Ride by Julie Ann Walker

There are times Ozzie has no problem showing his affections or what he wants, "he must have taken it for the affirmative it was . “God, I want that too. I want it so much I’m weeping for it. Feel.” He pulled her back into a seated position and put her hand over the head of his ***k." Ozzie sure has some good comebacks, “would a seven-year-old be sporting one of these?” He used both hands to indicate his wonderfully erect p****." I loved how protective Ozzie was, “have you been crying?” were the first words out of his mouth. A muscle ticked in his jaw as his gaze darted to the office doors through which his friends and coworkers had disappeared. “What the hell is happening here? Did they threaten you? I’ll effing—” I really liked this book, I loved Ozzie.

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