Thursday, December 8, 2016

Dirty Money by Jessica Clare

The text messages between Boone and Ivy are funny:
           Ivy: I’m trying to sell you a house, not get pictures of your ***k.
          B P : I understand. You want the real thing. I get that a lot.
I loved how caring Boone was "so I scoop her up into my arms and immediately head out to my truck. “You hang tight, baby. I’m gonna get this all taken care of for you.” I seriously loved Boone and his ways, “Ivy, there ain’t no cause good enough for them to stick you like a voodoo doll. This why you keep fainting?” I grab the crushed bag of cookies that’s been forgotten between us and shove it at her. “ Eat one of these before I lose my effing ****.” I loved this book, I'm going to love this series and the brothers personalities.

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