Sunday, November 13, 2016

Honor by Jay Crownover

I loved Nassir, he pretends that he doesn't have a heart but when it comes to Keelyn that man is a marshmallow, he's also quite cocky, “you’re on the pill. I’m clean. You’re clean. Everything is fine. Besides, when I said nothing was getting between us, that includes latex.” Nassir could be so nonchalant about things, “you didn’t ask if we were on camera before you shoved your hand down my pants and pulled my ***k out; besides, I was the one with my junk on display. You were fully clothed.” I loved how possessive Nassir was, “just stay here. No one needs to know what you look like and smell like after I get you off. That’s just for me.” I really loved this book, and I'm seriously hoping Booker gets a book.

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