Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Downed by Jen Frederick

When it comes to Bryant, Ace has no idea what hit him, “ten thirty,” I repeat like a dumb***. “For brunch.” What in the hell is she talking about?" I loved that Ace was protective, “you look upset.” He straightens, hands on his hips, and scans the surroundings. “Whose *** do I need to kick?” Ace sure knows how to lay down the law with his woman, “Bryant,” he says with exaggerated exasperation. “I'm high on victory and becoming horny as rff. I figured you'd want to be somewhere private before I throw you down and have my wicked way with you, but if you don’t mind the world seeing our love-making, then by all means, let’s stick around.” I loved this book, I loved Ace.

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