Saturday, October 22, 2016

Thresh: Alpha One Security by Jasinda Wilder

Thresh is obviously a well endowed man:
                 Effing twelve inches long and nearly as thick as my wrist, or I was a size-zero white girl.  “Jesus Christ, Thresh.” I glanced up at him, dizzy, shocked, and now…feeling decidedly ravenous.
                He smirked. “No part of me is small, babe.”
               “No ****.”
I really loved Thresh the man knew how to play his woman, "his grin turned hot, rife with dirty promise. “I didn’t get hurt, babe. It’s just been a few hours since I’ve had you, and all the adrenaline has me horny. So I’m feeling a little…achy…if you know what I mean.” I can't wait for Duke's book.

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