Sunday, October 2, 2016

Stealing Home by Nicole Williams

Luke says the sexiest things, “if I were a caveman, I’d tell you where I’d rather have my name on you.” Archer’s fist pressed into my backside enough to smash me closer to him. “Tattooed on you so you couldn’t just take it off or wash it off.” Luke is not one to give up, “fine, fine.” His feet continued their steady pace, pounding the treadmill. “You and me vertical up against my hotel shower wall?” Luke's body is always ready to go where Allie is concerned even if he's recovering from an injury, “I’m comfortable putting my weight on it, supporting someone else’s weight on it . . .” He made sure I was looking before he dropped his jeans. And ***t. He was commando. And at full staff." I loved this book, Luke was just the sweetest man.

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