Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Size Matters by Alison Bliss

Sam sure is a cocky man, "Sam pursed his lips. “Sweetheart, if I was screwing you, you’d know it. Trust me on that.” I seriously freakin' adored Leah, "Leah sauntered into the room, carrying a plate with two cupcakes. “Sam, if you think I screwed you in all the right ways last night, you’re going to love—” She stopped talking when she saw Max still standing there with his mouth open wide. Her face reddened. “Oh! I… uh, thought you’d left already.” I have to say Sam and Leah take hypothetical situations very seriously, "Sam sighed with frustration. “Trust me, you’ll live to ovulate another day. If my sperm has to send out a search party for your damn egg, I can guarantee you that one day you will be knocked up with my kid. Count on it.” I absolutely enjoyed this book.

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