Thursday, October 13, 2016

RELEASE DAY BLITZ: Paige Tyler's Dallas Fire & Rescue Kindle World

Title: Paige Tyler’s Dallas Fire & Rescue Kindle World
Authors: Various
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: October 13, 2016

Dallas Fire & Rescue Kindle World

My Dallas Fire & Rescue Kindle World is an amazing world filled with the action and suspense of fighting fires and the drama of saving lives, combined with the intimacy of those moments when the heroes and heroines are brought together amid the danger.

From battling huge blazes all across the city to saving accident victims to working with all forms of law-enforcement, Dallas Fire & Rescue explores every facet of heroic action and romantic adventure. And the stories don't necessarily have to be tied to the Dallas area, either. They could just as easily take place anywhere, as long as there’s some tie to Station 58 and the men and women who work there.

With heroic firefighters and life-saving paramedics, the possibilities for stories are limitless, and I'm excited about other authors writing in the world I love so much.

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Blood and Fire by Silver James:
Rhys is obviously a very territorial man, “the next time I have you in bed, I’m going to eff you until you can’t think of anyone— of anything but me.” I really loved Rhys he was one powerful man.
Chasing Flames by Siera London:
Nathan's wooing skills really could use some work, "there would be a well-defined and noticeable bulge if you are within fifty feet of me." I really enjoyed this book, Nathan was one persistent man.
His Burning Desire by Valerie Twombly:
I have to say I loved the animal side of Connor, "his dragon wanted to free itself, and it wanted to claim Jenna. Rip her clothes off and take her here on a table. Or maybe the counter. Perhaps both. He’d kill anyone who dared watch." I have to say that protective side of Connor is sexy as hell, “Ethan. Stay here and guard my mate. Shoot anyone who looks suspicious,” Connor growled..." I loved Connor.
Love Triage by Liz Crowe:
Wade is generally the bossy one but when he gets his woman all fired up, it's fun to see her bossy, “if you don’t take off your clothes and get into this bed with me right now Wade Michael Roberts, I am going to walk out the door and find someone who will.” I really liked seeing Wade change from an *** to a decent human, well where his woman is concerned anyway.
Undamaged by Regina Kammer:
Royce had a great attitude, "she fished out a string of attached packets and waved them in front of him. He snatched them out of her hand. “Three? You got some appetite , woman.” He tore open the top packet while the other two fluttered in the breeze." I enjoyed this book.
Affinity by Tigris Eden:
Klaus has no problem speaking his mind, “eff,” he interrupts. “We’re gonna eat, drink, be merry, and eff.” I liked this book.

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