Sunday, September 25, 2016

The Goal by Elle Kennedy

Phone conversations between Sabrina and Tucker tend to go on the x-rated side, “I had to leave the living room. We’ve got people over, and you thinking about my ***k is hot as eff. I’m too hard to be in public.” I loved Tucker bunches, he just cracked me up, “am I?” Smirking, I drift my hand down my abs and then cup my junk over my jeans. “Do you want to inspect the goods to make sure?” Tucker has some talent, the boy has a speedy recovery time, “give me about ten minutes and I’ll be good to go again,” I mumble into the mattress. A soft hand strokes its way down my spine and cups my ***, sending shivers throughout my frame. My ***k twitches with interest. “Make that five.” I seriously loved this book, Fitzy's book needs to be next.

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